Transpersonal therapy

Transpersonal therapy addresses development and growth, but also facing and overcoming difficulties, healing and going beyond healing. I work from a holistic approach, focusing on body, mind and spirit.

Who can benefit from therapy?

You can benefit from therapy whether you are going through a difficult period in your life or you just want to improve your life quality, understand yourself better and use your potential to the maximum.

What issues can therapy deal with?

It is useful for any life challenge, including relationships, family problems, work issues, addictions, or  feeling overwhelmed with depression or anxiety. It is an important support in the process of personal development, and guides the person towards psychological well-being.

Some of the tangible benefits of therapy:

1) Have a safe and private place to talk about sensitive personal issues

2) Decrease or eliminate depression, anxiety, stress

3) Reduce and manage negative or destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviours

4) Learn effective coping skills to manage difficult situations

5) Establish new healthy behaviours and habits

6) Become aware of your own feelings and needs and learn to express them

7) Relate with others and yourself in healthier ways

8) Have more satisfying relationships at home, school or work

9) Unfold your potential

10) Become the person that you truly are

My approach is based on transpersonal psychotherapy. To facilitate healing and growth, a great emphasis is placed on awareness, self-observation, and inner work. In therapy are used the amplified states of consciousness, meditation, dream analysis and other techniques, as a way to increase one’s awareness and, thus, one’s understanding of life choices/everyday choices.