Pneuma Breathwork


Inhale LIGHT...Exhale LIGHT

The way we breath is the way we live.

The breath is the most powerful tool we have. We can use it to change our mood, to improve our physiological and psychological wellbeing, to balance our emotions, to reduce stress, and so on.

In this workshop we use to power of the breath to create a deep space of introspection, where we open our perception to the deepest elements within us and connect with our true essence and the source of inner peace.

Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary practice, which naturally incorporates amplified states of consciousness through sustained breathing and musical sequence, providing infinite insights into our psychological difficulties and their solutions.

The breathwork session schedule:

It lasts for approximately four hours.

  • At the beginning there is instruction and orientation about the practice, which helps to generate the appropriate intention.

  • Then comes the breathwork practice itself, which usually lasts 2 hours. It’s aim is to amplify consciousness and bring about a state of profound introspection. It is accompanied by music that is tailored to the particular work being carried out during each session.

  • Finally there is the mandala making, writing, group sharing by the participants.

Pneuma Breathwork is part of Pneuma System teachings, read more here: